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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maxx wanted green apple sauce

I usually buy my 3 year old, Maxx, a variety of different flavored apple sauce by Mott’s. They have green, which is pear- apple, orange, which is mango - apple, and purple, which is (I think) pomegranate - apple.

This morning he asked specifically for “green apple sauce”. I didn’t buy anything new on my tuesday shopping trip because I had 5 regular apple sauces and 1 mango apple sauce in the cabinet, so I figured we would eat those before I bought anything new.

Of course, I had no green. Brilliant me though made him a big batch of green apple sauce. I ended up using two regular apple sauces, because the dye was to extreme for just one cup. He still ended up with a bit of a green mouth, but thankfully was happy with the result :)

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